Caleb Turns 5

March 23, 2016


Last Saturday was a much anticipated day around Neema House….we had been talking about this day for months now because Caleb, our oldest, is the first to turn 5 and all of the big kids have been eagerly anticipating his party. We have heard the question “has caleb’s birthday arrived yet?” for many, many weeks now!

Caleb’s best friend Bethel also has a March birthday, so we decided to have their party together. The best thing about birthday celebrations here in Kenya is that they center around being together and celebrating the person who was born — and also food of course. About 45 people (half of them kids) came to celebrate Caleb and Bethel and it was a beautiful day of thankfulness that Caleb and Bethel are a part of our lives.

The kids enjoyed jumping on the trampoline, playing with balloons, eating a LOT of cake and snacks, and drinking a LOT of soda. Our preschoolers have been dreaming of bikes, so we decided that it will be their birthday present when each of them turn 5. Caleb made his hopes clear – a blue bike and a helmet. As much as our children end up happily sharing most things, we love any opportunity to give them their own things — special time alone with their caregiver, clothes that belong to them only, and some tangible items that no one will require them to share.

We are so thankful that our sweet and kind and thoughtful and bright and funny Caleb was born. He is such a gift to us all and we hope he knows that every single day, not just on his birthday.

Annie, Missionary

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