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October 21, 2015

Sharon testimony

Project 82 trips to Kenya are all about relationships; building relationships with children, with the guardians and with the staff at the House of Hope and at the Neema House. The children and babies have heartbreaking stories, but because of Project 82 and their commitment of sponsorship, these children are surviving and thriving and God has a purpose for each of their lives. I love being able to love and invest time with each one of these children. Seeing them smile and laugh and to be able to love them is what God has called me to do.

This year the home visits in Molo impacted me the most. Here in the states we are so materially rich. We have comfortable beds, running water, indoor plumbing, ample food and more gadgets than we need, yet we struggle to find joy and peace. We struggle to completely trust Jesus. In Kenya I see people who have nothing materially. They live in 10’ by 10’ homes with no running water or electricity. When it rains, water pours through the holes in their roofs, yet they are filled with more joy than I have in my pinky finger. Why do we struggle with joy when we have so much? We are missing the mark when it comes to our personal relationships with Christ.

I know some of the strongest, Godliest women in Kenya, and they know whom they belong to. I was so humbled when I was supposed to be ministering to these precious women and one of them told me that she prays for me daily. Her faith is so incredibly strong and I was reminded how weak my faith is much of the time. I never dreamed of being called to serve in Kenya but I am so thankful I answered God’s call and so humbled to have a small part in serving with Project 82.

Sharon Kirkpatrick, October team member

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