Going into the Deep Waters

October 12, 2015

Sunday after worship at AIC

When we step out in faith, in response to a call God has placed on our hearts, it is oftentimes exciting and terrifying all at once. Sunday was such a day.

We experienced incredible worship with Pastor Geoffrey at AIC Church in Molo. There was praise, prayer and singing for 1 1/2 hours followed by a message shared by Ron Hoover about how we can learn to hear the Holy Spirit when he speaks to us. The church received us with such warmth and love, praying for us and with us. It was powerful to see men, then women, then youth, then children, then P82 children present songs and dance. Following worship, we joined the congregation for lunch on the church grounds.

After church we returned to House of Hope, where we enjoyed chai (tea) and celebrated the P82 staff who serve our children tirelessly. We celebrated Mother’s Day for them. They erupted into joy and thanksgiving, singing and dancing.

We closed the day visiting some of our guardian’s homes. The conditions they live in are humbling and heartbreaking, yet the guardians and children greeted us with smiles and hugs. Oh, these deep waters God calls us into… a day starting with joyful worship concluded with deep thought and soul searching. This day was filled with laughter and tears, joy and frustration. We may not all know how God wants us to respond to His call, but we do know that we must respond.

Father God, we thank you for your many blessings. We love you and desire to walk in love with one another. Lead us, oh Lord, to the path you want each of us to take. We are willing to go into the deep waters Lord, for we know you will always be with us.

Anita, Executive Director

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