Rescue of Simon and Leah

December 3, 2014

Simon & Leah

Early last week was a bright day for Simon and Leah after the area children’s office was notified that they have been on the streets begging for food and water in order to survive for quite some time now. The mother has neglected them for a long time, spending her days and nights drinking while the young children fended for themselves. I got a call to go rescue the children after the mother was arrested.

The two kids were very dirty, hungry and in tatters when we got them. We took them home, gave them a hot meal, a hot bath and warm clothes to wear. After spending the day with them I realized their great need to be held, loved and fed. Simon is six years old and Leah is only 3 years old.

The next day we took them to court where the mother was charged with child neglect. The senior magistrate placed the kids under our care for an unspecified time. The mother will remain in police custody.

We thank God that the lives of these two children were saved.

Mary, Community Child Advocate

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