Thursday in Nanyuki

June 16, 2016


Today we split into two groups: some of us attended ILI training while the rest of us took the Project 82 preschool kids to an animal rescue center in the beautiful Fairmont Mt. Kenya Safari Club. The children loved seeing the animals up close and personal, including Caleb who rode on the back of a 150-year-old tortoise! Some were a little afraid — like Sammy– but thankfully, he had Barbara (or Gigee!) to protect him!

We met back at Neema House for a delicious lunch of grilled cheese sandwiches and chips. How on earth can something so simple be SO GOOD? I don’t know, but many of us we agreed it was one if the finest meals we’d eaten in Kenya … Or maybe ever! When we tried to get back on the bus to return to ILI and the big kid Neema House, our bus was blocked in by two mistimed loads of rock dumped on the road. Our driver Joseph tried to get around the rocks and became stuck in an intractable trench. Gabe prayed over the unfortunate situation and then everyone set to work to get the bus unstuck, with the neighbors coming out to help. We were so relieved when it finally rolled free!

The ILI group gathered to do street evangelism, while the others traveled to the big kid Neema House to have a birthday party for Isaac and twins Alice and Lily. The “grandmas,” Barbara and Lynda made sure the party room was beautifully decorated and delighted in watching the kids open their presents. The team (minus a couple germophobes) loved the Kenyan birthday tradition where the birthday kids serve every person at the party a bite of cake. When it started to pour rain outside, the big presents of three bikes with training wheels were hustled inside and the kids rode them around the living room in circles!

Later that night, we learned that both Gabe and Conor were part of leading three young people to Christ during the street evangelizing time. Gabe told the young lady he talked to that the angels were rejoicing in heaven at the very moment she accepted Christ as her Lord and Savior, and don’t you know they were and are! Gaylyn reminded us later that there is no more important work that we can do than bringing people the good news of the Gospel. Because these two young men were willing to “GO” (Matthew 28:18), they were chosen to take part in God’s plan of salvation for three precious lives whose eternities are now secured.

Matt reminded us that we can have a passion for the harvest right in the place we live, and he encouraged us to consider how we can live that out effectively when we return from Kenya. Gayle reminded us of what a privilege it’s been to work with everyone on the team, but especially to see Lynda and her grandson Gabe come and serve together in Kenya, a desire that Lynda has expressed to her friends and family for several years. Carey closed our final evening together in Kenya by reading Scripture’s account of the last supper, where Jesus washed the feet of the disciples, an expression of God’s love for us “made complete.” Then, as the Lord asked us to do, we washed each other’s feet as an expression of our love for Him, made complete.

We are so grateful for the support of each of our prayer partners and family members and for all the ways that you sacrificed and prayed to get us to this place. All of you are in our hearts, and our families have expanded hugely this week to include YOU! Pray for safe travels and a sweet time of reunion when we all return home.

God bless.

Erica, Mission Team Member

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