Welcoming Caleb

October 23, 2012

The team from Due West had arrived the night prior and we had just begun unpacking the bags upon bags of baby items you so generously gave and they so graciously lugged across the world. The phone call came around 9:30 or 10pm and the dancing and jumping and shouting and more dancing began.  “A baby!?!?!?!?” “A boy!!!!!????” “One and a half years old!!!!!???” I ran from room to room telling our watchman and groundsman (the only other Neema house occupants at this point) and even the walls and cribs : “a baby is coming!!!!” I could hear Phoebe’s smile through the phone as she told me. We excitedly picked out a range of clothes and accessories that I could pack and take with me as I met this sweet boy the following day.  There were so many thoughts and so much expectation and lots and lots of prayer during that 3 hour drive to Molo to meet our first little buddy.

This guy is a lover. He has spent his short life living on the streets with his mother who suffers from severe mental illness. His grandmother also has debilitating mental issues and is unable to offer him a stable life off the streets. Though we are excited to have him, his entry into our lives comes with great loss and pain. We know in our hearts  that his mother, no doubt loved this little boy as well as she was able. We thank God for not letting this family leave His sight for the past 18 months… Caleb’s needs were provided by shopkeepers and well-wishers who passed him on the streets daily. The boy was loved, though unconventionally… He is alive today because of Love.

He has spent just over a week now in our home and already calls it his own. He has the cutest dimple on one cheek and his giggle could melt even the hardest of hearts. He never meets a stranger (probably due to his last 1.5 years of street life) and is quick to greet any and every person he passes with a fist pump (saying “gota!”). The only time we ever hear him cry is when bedtime comes and another day of fun is over. We promise him we will do it all again tomorrow and he eventually falls asleep. 🙂 He still calls me daddy, but that’s fine with me!

This boy has filled Neema House with so much joy. He has made us into a family and we are beyond thankful to God for the opportunity to love Him. To God alone be the glory.



  1. God bless Neema House, God bless Caleb and Keep up the good work. Remember, where He sends, He provides. He will indeed provide for Caleb and the other Children’s needs. Keep doing good!

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